viavario MAXIMO

The Building Technique

01 Lower tongues clip into …
02 the upper grooves.

03 Vertical profiles connect elements horizontally to bridges and arcades.
04 Rail profiles on the raceways guide the ball smoothly along the run.
05 Lower arches permit the passage of the balls, acting as tunnels.
06 Gaps, e.g. for LED lights
07 Blind holes vor various supports (bells, motor lifts, etc.)

4 elements permit almost endless variations.

Thus encouraging creativity without asking too much of the user. 

viavario MAXIMO is a large ball run system for floor use. Also ideal for outdoors. Can also be played in a swimming pool.

The straight run

The exit run

The ramp

…leads the balls from one level to the next. Due to their speed they can run up to 2m. The balls can run in from the back, sides or the front.

The Turn

The turns can be assembled in various directions 90°, 180°, 180/90°, 180°/180° etc.

The outer radius is hogher so that the ball does not jump out even at higher speeds.

The material

Polypropylene, non-toxic, phtalates free, elastic and, at the same time, firm, extremely resilient (material used in cycle helmets), non-absorbent, can be used outdoors, material in technical black also extra UV-resistant, leight weight (weight of cube approx. 50g).

Not recommended for children under 3 years. Small parts might be swallowed.

The colours

01 technical black
02 signal red
03 sunny yellow
04 forrest green
05 deep sea blue
06 pastel green
07 orange
08 white
09 metallic grey
10 pink



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